Mario the Peddler Productions presents Mario the Peddler, a live one-man theatrical show that takes audiences on a warm, engaging journey of the imagination.
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About Anthony (Tony) Bottagaro

A Renaissance Man who over the last thirty years traveled extensively bringing his challenging message of unconditional love to noted leaders, individuals, and institutions throughout many segments of society. The message crossed diverse ideologies in the religious, social, business and political realms, including the White House, U.S. Congress, the State Department and Pentagon, University of Peace in Costa Rica, the United Nations, and an audience with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican.

Bottagaro is a native of New York City and a longtime Colorado resident. He is a seasoned executive, an acclaimed speaker, award-winning film producer and bestselling author, playwright, stage performer as "Mario the Peddler", and storyteller as "Poppy the Explorer".

The Journey.

In 1983 Tony received a prestigious Angel Award for Excellence in Media for his first book To Create A World More Human and More Divine. He produced and narrated an award-winning documentary film of the same title that premiered at the Dag Hammarskj÷ld Auditorium at the United Nations in 1984.
  • "Let me know how I might be of help to you and your mission. I seek to serve." Your grateful brother from the moon, Jim Irwin, Astronaut
  • "You are to be congratulated on giving of your time and talent in this direction and I wish you Godspeed." Norman Vincent Peale
  • "...a moving expression of faith and trust-and love." Sister Marjorie Keenan, Secty. General World Conference on Religion & Peace
In 1988 a third Angel Award was received for Revolution: A Challenge of Love.
  • "I hope that the fundamental lessons of Revolution will be learned by all." Betty Reardon, Dir. of Peace Edu. Program Columbia Univ. Teacher's College
  • "The message we need in these days. A great contribution to the study of the power of love for all humanity." Robert Muller Asst. Secretary-General (Ret.), United Nations and Past Chancellor for the University of Peace
  • "Revolution is a masterpiece." Mary Dorr President, Excellence in Media
Bottagaro challenges the very fabric of society with his 2006 historical, fictional bestseller, The Poet, The Count, and The Peddler.
  • "The actions of his hero, Mario, virtually echo the author's own actions in that they demonstrate one man's devotion to divine love, compassion, truth, liberty, freedom, human rights, and peace among all peoples and nations of the world." Mark A. Roy, Human Rights Advocate and Former Advocate for Administrative Justice in the UN
  • "...a modern day allegory with an important message for our time." Carol Colombo, founder of Axon Capital
  • "I strongly recommend this book to everyone interested in justice...should - no, must-read this book." Joe Martori, Chairman and CEO of ILX Resorts Inc
Mario the Peddler, the theatrical stageplay written and performed by Bottagaro is...
  • "a 'soul-shattering' experience, a magical moment that will expand your mind, open your heart to love, & make you a different person. Make you a better person."Dr. Robert J. Pugel, Assoc. Prof. Emeritus-English, University of Colorado
  • "...the antidote to the negativity, divisiveness and fear that feels so pervasive these days." Fran Arniotes - Director, StageDoor Theatre - Conifer
  • "...spiritually uplifting..."John Hay - Co-founder of Celestial Seasonings

The Journey continues with "Renaissance Man, an evening with Tony Bottagaro".

A father of five and grandfather, Tony lives in Colorado with his wife, Cathy.

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