Mario the Peddler Productions presents Mario the Peddler, a live one-man theatrical show that takes audiences on a warm, engaging journey of the imagination.

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The one-man theatrical stage production or non-stage format, "Have Bag Will Travel", was written and is
performed by Anthony (Tony) Bottagaro who is a native of New York City and a longtime resident of Colorado.
He is a seasoned executive, an acclaimed speaker, an award winning and bestselling author, and now
theatrical performer with his one-man show Mario the Peddler.

Tired of the same old approach?
If you are looking for original entertainment, look no further than a Mario the
show. Mario the Peddler is a live 45, 60 or 75-minute show based on
the spirited and humorous main character from The Poet, The Count, and The
. The inspirational play is filled with heartwarming stories with messages
that both delight and challenge the audience. The memorable stage production
provides a unique and innovative fundraising event for nonprofit organizations
and an inspiring and motivational entertainment and/orappreciation event for
associations, businesses, and corporations.

Entertaining Keynote Performance Option
Tony also performs an enjoyable and inspiring keynote performance version of Mario the Peddler
for conferences, meetings, seminars, luncheons, dinners and corporate retreats. Tony appears with a bag of enchanted trinkets in his character portrayal of Mario, a New York City street peddler, humorist, and
philosopher extraordinaire.

Workshops, seminars and Q&As
also are available following a performance. These may be customized to meet your objectives.

For Booking and Pricing: Contact Tony Bottagaro---Mario the Peddler Productions, LLC.
Direct: 303.517.5825 E-mail: