Mario the Peddler Productions presents Mario the Peddler, a live one-man theatrical show that takes audiences on a warm, engaging journey of the imagination.
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“Tony Bottagaro is extremely entertaining as Mario the Peddler. Beyond that, he is a wonderful man who went above and beyond in helping the Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County Keystone Club stage a successful fundraiser. Tony directed us and assisted in every aspect of the event. He is a man of generous spirit and I highly recommend working with him on the Mario the Peddler Show.”
Kathi A. Wright - Executive Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County

“When you go see Tony Bottagaro's astonishing one-man play Mario the Peddler, based on the book The Poet, The Count, and The Peddler, you will wish you had a tape recorder or a pen and pad to capture the memorable, beautiful, wondrous quotes that flood the audience like spray from the Count's magic elixir bottle. This is a "soul-shattering" experience, a magical moment that will expand your mind, open your heart to love, and make you a different person. Make you a better person.”
Dr. Robert J. Pugel - Assoc. Prof. Emeritus-English, Univ. of Colorado

“This is a different kind of show. It's philosophical, inspirational, humorous and you will be uplifted and empowered by it. It's the antidote to the negativity, divisiveness and fear that feels so pervasive these days. It's really positive energy delivered in a charming and whimsical evening by a little old Italian peddler selling exotic and magical trinkets while he gives away bits of history, wisdom and wit.”
Fran Arniotes - Director, StageDoor Theatre - Conifer

“The simplicity of Tony's message is thoroughly entertaining and inspiring. Every generation will benefit from seeing this performance of unconditional love and how it is possible in this life.”
Chauncey Taylor - Owner, Johnson's Corner - Northern Colorado

“Mario the Peddler' delivers a series of inspiring messages fit for all ages. This thought-provoking show combines humor with compassion and entertainment. Tony Bottagaro's talent and creativity are evident throughout.”
Chris Wood - Publisher, Boulder County Business Report

“As a Major Gifts Officer at the Colorado Historical Society, it was my pleasure to work with Tony Bottagaro and the staff of Mario the Peddler Productions. The live production of Mario the Peddler was entertaining and motivating. With the great work...of...Mario the Peddler Productions...we hosted a sold-out venue. Tony captivated the audience with his wit, wisdom, and whimsical spirit. The audience's response was one of compassion for Mario, and Tony's representation of Mario is inspirational. We all need to be reminded of our uniqueness as we embrace the diversity around us.”
Tamara Durstine - Major Gifts Officer, Colorado Historical Society

“The story of the Poet, the Count, and the Peddler is captivating and the message of compassion, truth, justice and more is one that all people need to hear. You present the message in such a moving way that the audience can really take it to heart.”
Sara Wright - Director, Berthoud Community Library District

“...spiritually uplifting...”
John Hay - Co-founder of Celestial Seasonings

“Tony is on a mission to evoke the love and connection that we all have for one another. His ability to transform the provocative character and messages from his book into a live performance helps Tony reach out even more while giving nonprofits an opportunity to raise funds for their own important programs and initiatives.”
Maria E. Scordo Allen - Vice Consul of Italy for Colorado & Wyoming

“Reflective and Inspirational. Tony delivers his message to all humanity with emotion and true belief that we can make a difference in the world. For a unique and thought-provoking evening...go and “take-to-heart” Mario the Peddler.”
Don Dana - Executive Director, Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

“Tony Bottagaro weaves together a delightful blend of nostalgia with an important message for today.”
Donna Visocky - BellaSpark Productions

“Tony Botttagaro's Mario the Peddler's message of hope, love, and acceptance was a highlight of the 2nd Annual Festa Italiana in Keystone, CO. The humor and poignancy born out of his worldly-wise experience reminds us all the importance of daily compassion towards our fellow humankind and ourselves. I would gladly recommend Marios's message to any special event looking to enhance the overall guest experience. We look forward to inviting Mario back to Keystone soon.”
Lesley Johnson - Senior Event Coordinator, Keystone Neighbourhood Co.

“Tony Bottagaro takes us on a powerful journey of the heart in his one man show, Mario, the Peddler. With humor and love Tony demonstrates the role each of us plays in creating our life. It's a story of love, peace and beauty. My congregation took it out into our community. It was the perfect introduction to our Unity principles. Thank you, Tony!”
Rev. Julie Armour - Mountain Light Unity Church Evergreen, Colorado

“There is no question that the message of truth and kindness contained in Tony Bottagaro┬╣s Mario the Peddler is invaluable. It serves as a reminder to always remember the importance of sincerity and compassion in our daily lives.”
Anne E. Schmid - President, Longmont Council for the Arts

“...philosophical musings certainly made us all pause and think about what is important in life! Thank you so very much for...a splendid evening.”
Georgianna Contiguglia - President & CEO, Colorado Historical Society

“Colorado East Bank & Trust recently engaged Tony Bottagaro to perform his well regarded show “Mario the Peddler”. The show is based on Tony's bestselling novel “The Poet, The Count, and The Peddler”. It was an absolute success! The show is inspirational, humorous and entertaining. All week, I have received numerous compliments about the show from attendees - many wondering when his next performance will be held and where. Needless to say, I am very impressed with Tony, the show itself and most importantly the message it conveys. I look forward to working with Tony again in the future.”
Ryan Sword - President, Colorado East Bank & Trust - Mead

“Tony speaks with passion and purpose, reminding us of the divine potentiality within us to live from love, compassion and kindness. With humor and gentleness we are invited to be a part of a world that works for everyone.”
Rev. Cheri Jensen - Senior Minister Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living, FC.

“Tony delivers a wealth of advice, packaged in the unassuming persona of Mario the Peddler... analogies flow gracefully and the audience drinks in the inspiration like a fine wine... savored and appreciated.”
Ed Goodman - Chief Experience Officer, TST, Inc.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting on such a thought provoking one man act for the Angel House/LB-IHN. I have not spoken with anyone who did not agree with me as to how well everything you said went along with what this Network stands for. We believe in love, patience and understanding, but without love what is there. Some of the comments I heard were... beautiful... made me think... wish I could have had a swig of the elixir... and my favorite from a young girl about 12 years old “Is he real?” So my dear friend thank you for the wonderful surprise of a delightful show and the amazing gift of yourself to this agency, It was magic to me and I truly hope that you had a great time like we all did.”
AnnMarie Arbo - Executive Director, Angel House/LB-IHN

“Tony Bottagaro utilizes the rich traditions of our forefathers to peddle ideas. These thought-provoking mini discourses about humanity are pitched out to the audience with humor and zest. This is an evening of surprises, laughter and reminders of what makes us humane.”
Leonard T. Segel -Architect

“His play, Mario the Peddler, and his overall message was very inspired, inclusive and value based. It's a message of love and encouragement. He is a great actor, writer and human being. And, he was very easy to work with on the fundraising end.”
Rev. Greg Garland - United Church of Broomfield

“Tony Bottagaro has created a wonderfully familiar character and an engaging storyline in which he has woven the Wisdom of the Ages. His humorous and touching performance of the street philosopher, Mario, lets the audience easily identify with the message of love and compassion, the foundation of Mario's worldview. We envision great success in the years ahead for “Mario the Peddler.”
Rev. David Ridge - Living Water Unity Church, Arvada

“...brilliant words of wisdom...should be shared with the world... We thank you for bringing his message...presented in such a warm and wonderful way.”
Guy & Cathy Scoma

“Mario the Peddler is a must see one man show. Mario has a thought provoking perspective of the struggles that we are all confronted with on a daily basis. Mario views these obstacles of life with a love rarely found in today's society. Tony Bottagaro's performance mirrors the passion he has to assist the organizations who work so diligently to help those in need. His heart is displayed through his efforts to help raise funds and through Mario's message of love. We would highly recommend Mario the Peddler to anyone interested in witnessing a life changing performance.”
Harry and Roberta Lozinski - Owners, PostNet Longmont