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  Revolution, A Challenge of Love  
What others have said about Tony Bottagaro’s previous work, Revolution, A Challenge of Love.

“The message of Revolution is truly a challenge to all of us to practice the ideals we proclaim. This very powerful book is one you will not—and should not—forget.”

Jim Olson
Executive Director, National Programs,
United Nations Associations of the United States of America

“Revolution is positive, creative, and well written.”

Rodrigo Carazo
Former President of Costa Rica and
Founder of the University for Peace

“At this moment in history when the human race is evolving towards global consciousness, love itself must become global. Love must encompass the entire human community and enfold the earth. Bottagaro challenges us to tap the deepest energies of love that alone can create the global community of the future.”

Ewert Cousins
General Editor
A World Spirituality and Encyclopedia of The Religious Quest

“To the critical acclaim it has already received, I should like to add my own enthusiastic endorsement.”

Archbishop Renato R. Martino
Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations

“The message we need in these days. A great contribution to the study of the power of love for all humanity.”

Robert Muller
Assistant Secretary-General (Ret.), United Nations and
Chancellor for the University of Peace

“Revolution is a masterpiece.”

Mary Dorr
President, Excellence in Media

“I hope that the fundamental lessons of Revolution will be learned by all.”

Betty Reardon
Director of Peace Education Program
Columbia University Teacher’s College
“The author, Tony Bottagaro, hurls some very powerful calls to the reader to join a worldwide revolution away from selfishness to embrace a life of love in all our human relationships toward God and neighbor. Using the method of Jesus in the Gospels, who never gave answers, but sent his listeners away to ponder his heart-searching questions, the author shocks us out of our complacency to move toward a ‘pure heart’ by asking us heart-wrenching questions in order to move us to live love as the dominant power in our lives.”

George A. Maloney, S. J.
Contemplative Ministries

“Tony continues to meet with and challenge, with love, leaders, individuals, and organizations in all facets of society . . . His theme is together we can.”

Claude Pepper
Senator, US Congress

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