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  Reader's Guide  
by Anthony (Tony) Bottagaro


A vindictive prosecutor, a manipulative businessman, and a ruthless cardinal tied to the Vatican Bank are out to destroy Italian immigrant, Mario Ferrara––a simple baker and writer whose passion for liberty shapes his writings and his life. His efforts to fight injustice drag him deeper and deeper into an abyss of conflict. Disorder and betrayal lead to a tumultuous murder trial rising out of prejudice and fear.

Tormented by the chaos of the times and driven by a strong sense of heritage and his love of la famiglia, Mario takes on the fight against the power, greed and corruption in government, business, religion and society. This revolutionary man’s tenacious persistence threatens all he holds dear––his family, his business, and even his life.

Never giving up his quest, Mario passionately dares to challenge the very fabric of society’s traditions, institutions, and belief systems.

Book Clubs

The Poet, The Count, and The Peddler provides many avenues for book clud discussions, ranging from comparing immigration issues in the 1920s and to those we face today, historical events such as the Vatican money-laundering scandal from the 80s that only recently came to trial, to challenges to power, greed, and corruption wherever they occur. And most importantly, how can unconditional Love be used to solve problems. A list of discussion questions is provided to stimulate discussions of the complex issues that are woven throughout the book. Contact Rockaway Press to schedule a telephone interview with Tony.

Book Talks

Arrange for Tony to provide a book talk at bookstores, cultural events, and other venues in communities that are holding one of his live performances.

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