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The Poet, The Count,
and The Peddler

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Once in a while someone cares enough to fight back!

The Poet, The Count, and The Peddler is a wonderful
blend of historical fiction, absorbing mystery, philosophical truths, and imaginative fantasy. It is shaped with the bold intrigue of the The Da Vinci Code, the inspiration of The Celestine Prophecy, and the imaginative fantasy of Gulliver's Travels.

Its vivid and colorful descriptions of wide vistas, and the sometimes whimsical and sometimes dark visions of other worlds (including the netherworld) bring to mind those
striking images from the movie What Dreams May Come.

However, the world of The Poet, The Count, and The Peddler is structured with reality as its base: it dares to challenge the very fabric of society - its institutions,
traditions, and belief systems. It pulls the reader into a very real world - a world of city streets filled with immigrant families, of courtrooms and boardrooms, and of offices belonging to high-ranking religious and political figures.


Novelist captures bestselling book's main character in a warm, engaging, provocative one-man show!


Author Anthony Bottagaro breathes life into the gutsy
main character of his gritty bestselling novel The Poet, The Count, and The Peddler through a one-man live show titled Mario the Peddler.

The performance features Bottagaro as Mario Ferrara, an old Sicilian American immigrant who captivates audiences with bits of wisdom, witty anecdotes, and thought-provoking commentary while he offers up magical trinkets from his mysterious pushcart. As Mario, Bottagaro takes the audience on a fanciful and intriguing journey sprinkled with history and Sicilian folklore.

For more information about the show contact
Mario the Peddler Productions.

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