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  The Poet, The Count, and The Peddler  

Leaving an oppressed and poverty-stricken Sicily, nine-year-old Mario Ferrara and his family begin a new life in what they believe is the Promised Land. However, the American dream soon becomes tainted. Living in New York City’s Little Italy affords the Sicilian immigrants opportunity but brings with it a struggle against discrimination and injustice.

Decades later, an Italian witch-hunt spearheaded by a relentless congressman sows seeds of rebellion in Mario’s heart. He becomes exasperated by the riots and violence of the turbulent ’60s, a time when growing discontent due to racial turmoil culminates in a fierce civil rights movement and anger over a deadly Vietnam war gives rise to a mass movement in opposition to the government.

Tormented by the chaos of the times and driven by a strong sense of heritage and his love of la famiglia, Mario takes on the fight against the power, greed, and corruption in business, government, religion, and society. This revolutionary man’s tenacious persistence threatens his life and all he holds dear—his family, his friends, and his heritage.

A vindictive prosecutor, a manipulative businessman, and a ruthless cardinal tied to the Vatican Bank are out to destroy him. His efforts to right wrongs drag him deeper and deeper into an abyss of conflict. Disorder, betrayal, prejudice, and fear lead to a tumultuous murder trial.

His dreams transport him to the depths of hell and to the wonderful, mystical, and fantastic lands he heard of in childhood. These journeys reshape his rebellious idealism and activism in mysterious ways.

Never giving up his quest for liberty, Mario, the Peddler, passionately dares to challenge the very fabric of society’s traditions, institutions, and belief systems. Is he a quixotic figure fighting windmills of his mind or a dauntless hero fighting a very real battle?


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